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Lake Titicaca's floating B&B



We offer you the unique experience of sleeping on board this historical ship, anchored in Puno Bay. Bunks in four cabins can accommodate seven guests, who we welcome to enjoy wonderful sunsets and a generous Andean breakfast. The adventure and unique experience will be a highlight of your travels in Peru.


The only place to spend the night afloat Lake Titicaca in Peru is on a 150-year-old British gunboat, now a B&B, with a remarkable history.



The MV Yavari, Lake Titicaca, Photo: Giorgio Pinazo


YAVARI – BUILT: England 1862

The YAVARI was delivered in pieces by mule to the Lake over two miles (3,810 m) above sea level. After nearly 100 years of faithful service, she was found slipping rapidly into decay. Now she has been saved, all her original features restored, her engine repaired, and she is getting ready to be fitted out to comply with today's standards of safety in order to sail again.




The YAVARI, a State Registered Museum, is now

berthed in Puno Bay, behind the Sonesta Posadas

del Inca Hotel, between the town and Isla Esteves

(Hotel Libertador). It can be reached by taxi or by



Open daily: 9.00am – 5.00pm and other times by arrangement

For the enthusiast, and with advanced notice, the mighty 1914 Bolinder engine can be fired up - an unforgettable experience!

The YAVARI has a future as well as a past. By applying the same vision and ingenuity as got her there in the first place, the YAVARI is preparing to be reborn to serve again. Today the restoration programme has reached its most critical stage.


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