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The Lake Steamers - Pre 1900

Since pre-history until today, the Lake people have fished or navigated Lake Titicaca using totora reed boats. In the 16th century wooden sailing boats were introduced by the Spanish and in the 19th century came the introduction of the iron steamship. First the YAVARI (launched 1870) followed by the YAPURA in 1873.

In 1892, The Peruvian Corporation commissioned the COYA Built by Denny’s of Dumbarton.

Length: 170ft (51.82metres).

Beam: 26ft (7.93 metres).

Gross tonnage: 546 tons.


COYA was run aground in the floods of 1984 and subsequently left high and dry when the waters receded. Rescued in 2001, the COYA has undergone a workover and is now operating as a restaurant.



The Lake Steamers - Post 1900

The INCA’s fate was far worse than that of the COYA.

Built by Earle’s of Hull in 1905.

Length: 220 ft (67 metres).

Beam: 30 ft (9.14 metres).

Gross tonnage: 1809 tons.


This beautiful ship was scrapped in 1994 when still in excellent condition.


The OLLANTA, also by Earle’s joined the Fleet in 1930.

Length: 260 ft (79.25 metres).

Beam: 35.6 ft (10.85 metres).

She has accommodation for 70 passengers. Currently waiting for being refurbished to carry 70 passengers.