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Finalists in the category "International Impact" and "Recreational Tourism" Creatividad Empresarial Contest 2012




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Meet the Crew


Captain Giselle Guldentops
Captain of the Yavari and General Administrator of the Yavari Association
First woman in Peru to hold a Master’s Ticket. A graduate of the Management Development Center at Universidad del Pacífico, in Management of Organizations..




First Officer Jose De La Jara
Honorary First Mate on board. He has piloted all ships of the iron fleet on Lake Titicaca.



Antonia Quispe
Guide, first female crew in Puno.


Basilio Pacori
Crew and on board guide.














Henry Lerma
Crew and on board guide.


Sandra Urviola Sanchez

In charge of the B&B service













Meriel Larken
Founder of the Yavari Project and the Association, and awarded the Order of Merit of Peru for services rendered in numerous social projects through the Anglo-Peruvian Society, Meriel Larken comes from a family of shipbuilders and maritime explorers. She has a broad knowledge of Peru and South America through her work in tourism and public relations.





We would like pay special tribute to two people who were especially important in the project — John Kusner and Adrian Chapman.